Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Recap

My oldest niece, Haleigh, graduated Saturday night.  We spent Friday evening and Saturday morning getting the house and decorations in order for her graduation party.  It’s hard to believe she is graduating. Where has the time gone?  I can remember watching her as a baby at night time while my brother worked.  We watched Barney every night on the VCR.  I can still remember some songs and movements to those songs…..”Do Your Ears Hang Low” and “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt”.  I can remember her obsession (and I mean OBSESSION) with Brittney Spears.  Good thing that was just a phase.  I can remember the camping trip when she had a bike wreck that sent her to the hospital to get stitches.  And mom about killing herself trying to drive a moped to get to where Haleigh wrecked.  The following weekend we went to Branson and had to be extra careful not to get her stitches wet at the indoor waterpark.  I remember spending many weekends entertaining her at Ally’s Jungle Gym, McDonald’s Play Place, or the movies.  She has turned into a beautiful young lady, and I can’t wait to see what her future holds.

 Her school colors are green and yellow, but for some reason she wanted purple and silver. me some Paul's Bakery (Once referred to by Bryson as the place with the fat woman sign.  The sign is actually of a baker.)

She wasn't too crazy about putting this headband on, but we made her :)

Moi with the graduate

Not for sure what this look was about, but I've seen it several times.

After church on Sunday, we ate at Marketplace.  I’ve been craving me some Marketplace lately.  Not normally a place I crave, but a baby will do weird things to ya.  After lunch, we worked on cleaning out the baby room.  We made progress, but still have a long way to go.  I’m dedicating the next few weekends to the baby room, so maybe it will be done before she arrives.  The bedding should be arriving in the next couple of weeks, and I’m super excited to see it. 

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